Gregory – Space Trip

Space dustI saw there was a previous post in this blog talking of the track “Space Trip” by Gregory, but as there were no samples, i provide here. This track, done together with Cerrone Malligator label, was distributed as 7″ and 12″ by RCA in 1980 (and in Germany, as 12″, by TELDEC). It was used the same year as theme of  two radio programmes, “Boom Hollywood” and “Hit Parade des Clubs” (the second conducted every sunday afternoon by Yann Hegann), both on french Europe1 radio. Gregory himself, in 1981, will provide another theme for the same two programmes with the track “Obsession”. A curious thing about “Space Trip” is that on labels the title is “Knight Music for Space Trip (part. 1 and 2)”. The person of Gregory deserves attention too, as after 1982 he created his own FM-radio, and started doing radio programmes in the Paris clubs of which he became art director, the Metropolis, the Midnight Express and the Pacha-Club, but most of all he became the manager of FR David, helping him to build his millions reccords sold career. Here is the sample of part 1 from the french RCA 12″.

So, prepare your best space-disco outfit, close your eyes, and let your body fly to the stars!


Gregrory – Knight Music For Space Trip (Part I)

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    LOVE it

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