We are proud to announce the vinyl repress of a track that Overfitting Disco presented here exclusively for your listening pleasure since its very initial discovery in 2008: Andromeda.

One of the biggest disco unearthings of the latest years, italocarlito tells us a bit of story about it.

Q: Tell us more about the story of Andromeda.

A: I found this record in 2006, quickly overlooked it and left it there lying around until 2009, when I started playing it in my gigs around Europe. I distinctly remember playing it one of the very first times at Albion’s Camp Cosmic and the audience was shocked, with many coming to the dj booth to ask what this tune sung in italian was. The track was originally published on the small “Papaya” label in Italy in 1981 and of the 500 7″s originally pressed, most got unsold and sent back to the label to be stocked, where – due to complaints regarding sound quality of the pressing – they ended up being destroyed. Then I decided out of the blue I wanted to (try) repressing it, but it wasn’t an option for me to just make a repress out of a vinyl rip, as much as high-quality that could be. Ends up it took close to five years to track down the rights owner and obtain the license for a legit pressing. Surprisingly, when all hopes were lost, also the 24 tracks analog mastertape was found and dubbed electronically with the latest technology. But that was a complicated stage, too, as the tape suffered the “sticky shed syndrome” and had to be cleaned and treated in order to be digitized.

Q: Why a 12″ and which tracks contains?

A: The 12″ offers more grooves space, and I could have the chance to work with the best Italian artisans: Cesare Marchesini did the delicate tape transfer stage and lacquer artisan Roberto Barbolini did a very special lacquer as the durations allowed to make a 22 and 1/2 mastering one, which is the top level. Senio Corbini at Narada Studio was my Pro Tools wizard doing the magic in the studio with the tracks.
There was no original 7″ mixdown in the tape, so I chose to just present the original version culled from the 7″ as a historical document, plus two new versions: a slightly extended one that respectfully maintains all the original mixdown choices, but revealing the violin parts, previously unhearable in the 45.  So, the 12″ contains an extended version,  the og 7″ version as well as a remix by italian legend DJ Beppe Loda, who loved the track and embarked very happily in this project.  He worked “Andromeda” in his “afro-electronic” taste, that we all know through his mythical “Afro” tapes serie and his productions under the monikers Egotrya and MC1.

Q: Tell us about the famous sample you can hear in the track

A: When we opened the tracks in the studio for the first time, it was hearable someone just recorded the first two bars from the vinyl and made a tape loop out of it. Incredibly, and this is one of the strongest peculiarities of such track, it turns into something completely different and has a value of its own, possibly becoming the definitive version everybody would have wanted to play out back the days: a relentless space disco-ish track, with dreamy lyrics talking about a creature called Andromeda, coming from a galaxy far far away.

Q: Who is Andromeda?

A: Andromeda is the singer of the track, but it’s not the author of the track. I know her name through the author, but this part of the story will be told in the documentary that I’m trying to have produced.

Q: A documentary?

A: Yes, on the italian overlooked disco scene of the 70s. Back in the days these disco tracks suffered the stigma of being pure-entertainment ones VS politically engaged ones. This heritage – once considered garbage – is now a major goldmine of obscure gems and – as similarly as happens with the tracks posted on this blog – resurfaces thanks to the hard diggin’ work of passionate DJs, trying to educate a newer audience to “odd” disco tracks which have nothing less in quality to mainstream disco productions. On the contrary, it’s a very interesting display of the super-experimental work of independent authors trying to make themselves themselves known in previously corporate-ruled field of business.

Q: Any other releases on “Disco Segreta” soon?

A: Yes, stay tuned!

“Andromeda” is out on a limited numbered vinyl edition of 500 copies, sold on Pre-sales started February 28th, official release date will be April, 30th.

“Andromeda” original version will be on rotation *exclusively* on Overfitting Disco 24/7 radio until its official release.

Andromeda (Respectful extended)

Andromeda (Beppe Loda remix)

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