Top 6 for February/March 2009


  1. Pierre Bachelet – Hors-piste (See original post)
  2. Computer – Nobody Loves A Computer Because A Computer Does Not Dance (See original post)
  3. Bombers – Get Dancing (See original post)
  4. Cécile – Nocturne No1 (See original post)
  5. Candy Darling and the Viscounts – Space Movin’ (See original post)
  6. Diana Est – Le Louvre (See original post)

…a bit more (because it is way too hard to only pick six):

Frédéric Mercier – Station 731 (See original post)

Gichy Dan’s Beachwood #9 – On A Day Like Today (Todd Terje Re-Kutt) (See original post)

Check Up Twins – Sexy Teacher (See original post)

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  • Comment | 09/04/2009

    My picks are
    1. Computer: Nobody Loves A Computer
    2. Cécile: Nocturne nr 1
    3. Stefania Rotolo: Disco Tic
    4. Pierre Bachelet: Hors-Piste
    5. Evidence: The Evidence
    6. Celso Valli: Pasta & Fagioli

    ….though signorina Rotolo keeps giving me so much (guilty) pleasure she should really be at numero uno.

  • Comment | 09/04/2009

    You’re enlisted to make the next month selection ticket 😉

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