Special message to all who are Disco


Ben Thomas – Sooleymon

Midnight Movers Unltd – Follow The Wind pt 1.

Face it. You’re no saint so indulge to the max in your vices at least once a year. In the evening of 16th of January A.D. 2015, give in to gluttony, lust and greed and celebrate with us all that is excessive, over-the-top and brilliant in the music we love, for hours and hours. Italo, funk, disco and beyond. Rare tracks and anthems. It’ll all be there to really wallow in, from exotic, sophisticated hothouse flowers to indescribable, sick sonic funghi from hell. From deep powerful vocals by mighty Divas to the flimsiest sighs from young girls who look like they’re sixteen but act like they’re twenty-one. No holds barred. Top tunes from a top lineup. The event will be re-broadcast on the 17th in case it’ll all become too much for you – though of course too much of a good thing is the best thing ever.

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  • Comment | 07/01/2015

    I’ll be listening attentively. 🙂

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