Sex Of The Devil


Stelvio Cipriani – Il Sesso Del Diavolo

It’s all in the 1971 film Sex of the Devil, everything fans of quality European cinema would possibly want with the exception of the presence of Edwige Fenech. Opulent villas, heavily made-up women in revealing costumes dancing wildly to bongo-driven discothéque music by Stelvio Cipriani (borrowing a bit from In A Gadda Da Vida), gentlemen in flapping shirt collars and tight polyester slacks reclining on sofas, lesbians harbouring pathological mistrust of men, prudish servants with secrets and repressed longings of their own, rampant nudity and images of violent death. Like in all grade A giallos and morbid sex dramas, everybody spends half of the running time casting long meaningful looks at each other from behind glasses of whisky, though in Sex of The Devil J&B was puzzlingly enough not available as a sponsor.

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