King of Nightlife


Ok, this track is not the most obscure disco gem, but sometimes my kitsch-camp taste comes out of the closet.

“King of Nightlife” is the b-side of “Buy Mi Bananas” 7″, released by CBS in 1979, by german Group Eyes On Fire (the same that in 1978, under name Eyes, released, as b-side of “Times are Changing” 7″, the nice track “Black Caravan”).

A-side is what it promises; a terrible (even for my taste) caribbean style track maybe good for a Carnival cruise ship party. I found “King of Nightlife” not so bad, and there  is a small break in the middle, with male voice hypnotically repeating the title of the track.

Here it is!

Eyes On Fire – King of Nightlife

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  • Comment | 10/09/2017

    A track that I’ve been looking for it for a long time! It’s one recorded on one of my cassette and later, on the tape recorder.
    Could you please, post the entire mp3? I’m ready to pay for if necessary.

  • Comment | 13/09/2017

    there’s 26 for sale in Discoqs

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