Kleeblatt Pt. 2


Another great tune on same LP like yesterdays Familie Silly post and as much Disco as you can get from any East German outfit. Apart from two exceptions, all lyrics on this LP are written by Kurt Demmler, with about 10000 songs reliable workhorse of the republic, who committed suicide in 2009 due to pedophilia charge. If the vocals are not your tea, an instrumental version can be found under a different moniker.

G.E.S. – Titanic

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  • Comment | 03/10/2014

    Please bring more of this kinda stuff, it rocks

  • Comment | 03/10/2014

    These work in their own unique manner, extremely forcefully / diese wirken so auf seine ganz personliche Weise autentisch und kraftvoll.

  • Comment | 07/10/2014

    gimme more, i like it! welcome Tiney…!

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