Dance Macabre


VC-People – Dance Macabre (1980)

Another one from Germany – a moody dark disco track of a krautrock LP “Mystery of Bomarzo“.

Recorded at Emulab Electronic Music Laboratory Munich, with synthesizers from Roland, Oberheim, Moog and Sequiental Circuits. Sequencers from Roland ABZ Zet-Electronics. Vocoder from Syntovox. Music computer from Fairlight using Fairlight’s Music-composition language. Sound-recording and mixing by Klaus Netzle and  Hans Mühlbauer. Digital informations have been used for sound-generation and as control-functions for analog systems. Sehr impressive, ja?

There’s another lesser dance tune “Moonless Night” but rest of the LP is basically crap, vocal tracks with an occult narrative of some sort.

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  • Comment | 24/01/2009

    This is soOo strange… where am I ?

    Well, thanks! good pick again. You’re really digging, finding some quite unknown gems. Keep it on! very interesting discovers 😉

    BTW watch out to the tags, title form, the tracktitle name and so… It was even better for the 1st article. But don’t worry it’s only the habit.

  • Comment | 25/01/2009

    Glad you liked the tune.
    Takes a while to get used to the posting process….

  • Comment | 26/01/2009

    I knew an LP from VC-people made of classical remakes with moogs and various synthesizers and it was plain goofy; at the opposite this specific track sounds great!

    If you can find some time to feed the radio database then… 😉

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