La Notte è Mia

A personal discovery, and one of my best kept, always-in-the-bag Italian secrets from 1977.
Unsurprisingly, Elena e il Parco dei Ricordi is yet another moniker for the mysterious babe Patrizia Brindani.
The bomb track here is of course on the flipside, which is originally very slow, so here it is presented the way I play it, speeded up for your climax, pardon, delight.
For those intense moments where a distinct erotic touch drives the hormones of the dancefloor, those guitars and piano solos – both moanings-driven – will just take you to heaven.

Elena e il Parco dei Ricordi – La Notte è Mia

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  • Comment | 30/07/2014

    Not just a simply fantastic song but even growing everytime it kicks my earbuds and regions below. A Simula classic!

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