New Born Galaxy



Hi this is my first post on Overfitting Disco, thanks guys for inviting me, and i hope that you´ll enjoy it in the future. This one is a private press from Ulm/Bavaria a perfect space jazz disco tune that blowed my mind, the first time when i heard it.

New Born – Galaxy

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  • Comment | 28/04/2014

    Wow, That was some debut post!. amazing tune

  • Comment | 29/04/2014

    Discoboulet has Arrived,and how!

  • Comment | 29/04/2014

    Welcomé Flo! Good times

  • Comment | 29/04/2014

    I must say it sounds very smoothy and cosmic enough to me. Welcome Discoboulet (and also all those I didn’t welcome before BTW). Talkin’ bout that is it “Discoboulet” like a bullet or like a big disco bowl… 😉

  • Comment | 29/04/2014
    Le Discoboulet

    in french a boulet is a piece of hash 😉

  • Comment | 29/04/2014

    ok… well if you meant “boulette” then we may have a deal together. Gimme gimme gimme a disco boulette after midnight na na na nana na na nana na nananaaaa…

  • Comment | 12/05/2014

    sure a welcome with the bang Discoboulet! Congrats and welcome to the family

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