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Morten Sorensen – Start Something (2008)

It’s a new beginning. Back in the time with Morten Sorensen a Norvegian producer and a NY disco lover who released his first EP “Start Something” for the label Tirk.

This tune sampled a song by the popular band Chic that appears on the “Tongue In Chic” LP:

Chic – I Feel Your Love Comin’ On (1982)
(Listen to the full track)

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  • Comment | 03/01/2009

    once more: excellent!

  • Comment | 06/01/2009

    morten sørensen isn’t a Norwegian!!he’s a fake!
    I think he is one of the guys from groove armada!!?

  • Comment | 06/01/2009

    hey Pål! I think Morten is a call girl in Chinatown… well sorry I was just kiding 😉
    If you tell me so I believe you. There’s not much informations about him and it may be more than possible it’s an alias…

    But where did you get that for Groove Armada ? oO

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