Brain Machine

Brain Machine

Brain Machine – Eternal Night (2008)

Narrow-minded people beware, this is not a music…
It’s a red pill !

Brain Machine – Pulsations
B. M. – Massive Dying Stars Vibrating Like Giant Speakers

Really psychedelic, hypnotic melodies, cosmic synth, progressive, or strange experimental sounds.

Visit his profile to listen more

Released on the underground label Thisisnotanexit
(Hatchback or Professor Genius‘ vinyls in between).
I recommend to discover its catalog and stay tuned.

Bonus mixes:

Brain Machine’s Prismatic Mix (info & playlist here)

Thisisnotanexit Volume 9 (info & playlist here)
Thisisnotanexit Volume 8 (info & playlist here)

Spectral Mix Oct. 08 to download (78 Mo)

Other volumes and mixes here

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  • Comment | 03/01/2009

    give them a cheer for me on their myspace 😉

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