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Fact: last May I was at a very tiny record fair in the area checking the 2€ bin and here’s where I got one of my biggest recent discoveries, that I’ve included in my OD 6th birthday party mix.  This obscure single from the fabulous italian label Phantom renders perfectly – should anyone need more evidences –  how the disco sound in Italy had a lot in common with the progressive rock sound. Both tracks here are killer, and while “Magico” is pure space rock-disco, “La Terra e il Seme” is a crazy drumming and flute session.

Gino Pavan – Magico

Gino Pavan – La terra e il seme


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  • Comment | 23/01/2014

    The Magico is totally outstanding!

  • Comment | 31/01/2014

    wow! great find

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