Raul Gomez (Cuba)

Raul Gomez

Cuban musician, producer, arranger and composer Raul Gomez was responsible of some of the nicest Disco acts to come out of the island. After a period of exploration through local rhythms, in 1977 he decided to venture into contemporary genres, and then released the acclaimed “Instrumental” album. It took four years to produce a new studio album, the lesser-known “Luces En La Pista”, which was released in 1981 on the Areito-Egrem label (on the same Record label as the previous albums). Two of the nicest tracks were Luces En La Pista and Erupcion.

Raul Gomez – Luces En La Pista

Raul Gomez – Erupcion

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  • Comment | 30/12/2013

    Nice one Bubbling! really dig the Erupcion

  • Comment | 30/12/2013
    Bubbling Minds

    Yes Nikolaj! Raul at the top of his game!

  • Comment | 31/12/2013

    Astonishing, to put it mildly.- Really like the illustrations you add, too btw.

  • Comment | 31/12/2013
    Bubbling Minds

    Thanks Jussi! Nice stuff indeed!

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