Vicente Rojas (Cuba)

Vicente Rojas

The enigmatic Cuba, always so close and so distant of the Occidental traditions. The cradle of several Latin rhythms that were spread through diverse cultures. In the late 70s the island also got inseminated of the glamorous Disco vibes, and some musicians decided to explore the then-new genre. One of them was Vicente Rojas, a prolific composer, arranger and producer, who was a key member of the legendary EGREM factory (the main local record company). In 1978 he released the brilliant “A Las 2 A.M.” album, whose music was integrally composed by him (four tracks in collaboration with Alberto Vera, who formed a solid tandem with Rojas). A total of 12 seasoned musicians participated in these recordings, whose members included guitarist Omar Barroso, and pianist Pedro Coto, among others. The highlights of the album are: En La Nieve, En La Orbita and Esto No Es Para Bailar. This was Roja’s only solo-work in the 70s.

Vicente Rojas – En La Nieve

Vicente Rojas – En La Orbita

Vicente Rojas – Esto No Es Para Bailar

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  • Comment | 02/12/2013

    Great stuff. The Esto No track is especially stunning.

  • Comment | 03/12/2013
    Bubbling Minds

    Yes! That is THE track! 🙂

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