New Places Different Faces Mix


An exclusive DJ set by Rutes, who you could also meet and listen to at Camp Cosmic 2013.

Check out this quality mix!

Rutes – New Places Different Faces

Rutes’ personal message: “Shout to Albion and all the Camp Cosmic Crew!

  1. Herasmo – Magic Man
  2. Mike Steiphenson – Dreams
  3. Shankar Family & Friends – Lust
  4. Nat Wright – Be My Soul
  5. Parigi – Discomania
  6. Weyman Avenue – Rhythmic Body
  7. Dance Machine – Eldorado
  8. Sammy Gordon – Making Love
  9. Red Parish Group – Dynomite
  10. Le Hostess – Mama’s Away
  11. The Men – I Don’t Depend On You
  12. Secret Gift – Bass-Line
  13. Le Baron – Le Sifflet Du Baron
  14. Tony And Tim – Soul Sensations
  15. Marie Laure Sachs – Shiver
  16. Noel Pointer – For You
  17. Desire – Lifting Off
  18. Oliver’s Planet – Dance Machine
  19. Paul Martin – Le Troublant Temoignage De Paul Martin
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  • Comment | 05/10/2013

    This transports to the Camp – my office vanishes. We leave the Square of the Worlds and soon it’s pitch black darkness all around, with weird purple lights hovering above the ground to guide us as we make our way slowly but surely up the Hill towards the Oracles of The Magic Tent. A curtain of crystals, the tinkling echoing towards infinity. After recieving us the two Oracles wave goodbye and we descend back to the Square of the Worlds, and downwards still. There’s the mysterious Hypnorama to our left but we have to move on until we’re back at the DISCO SPACE

    and this mix is fucking brilliant.

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