Edit You All Over


Edit You All Over

If you take 2 copies of a record, play the intro and then quickly seque into the break of the track which is far more interesting than the actual American style song itself, is that a live edit or just a mix? In any case here’s Kiss You All Over by Broadway with an emphasis on the fuzzy elements and the moans and the groans, followed by a couple more cuts in similar mood. With a little flashback from last week’s Camp Cosmic.

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  • Comment | 01/10/2013

    Hello, lovely mix, what is the name of the last track, love it 🙂

  • Comment | 02/10/2013

    That’s an obscure version of Black Blood’s A.I.E by Party Kids.

  • Comment | 06/10/2013

    WOW – thanks for the info – love this version 🙂

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