Guitar Twins – Amorada

Danish take on the Amorada classic by the Guitar Twins.
It can’t come as a surprise to any  that i’m a sucker for the shadows surf likes. Bending guitars and fast finger plays makes me smile, laugh and dance. This one i heard for the first time on camp cosmic, being played by another overfitting contributor Vomatron and i remember dancing like a maniac on the swedish mountain top. I vote for more surf guitars on the contemporary clubbing scene!

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  • Comment | 24/03/2013

    yeah baby! rickety-rockin’

  • Comment | 24/03/2013

    WHY does anyone prefer any other kind of dance music than THIS kind of dance music I ask you!?!

  • Comment | 24/03/2013

    maybe because they haven’t discovered the overfitting disco blog.?

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