Wonderful Copenhagen


Mabel – Let’s go to wonderful Copenhagen

The best result from Danish “boy” band Mabel’s German disco adventure in 1978, a song which might just as well have worked in a TV-spot for Copenhagen tourism. According to Mabel’s youngest member, Mike Tramp (who bizarrely enough was once rumored to have had a sex change operation as a child), Bernt Möhrle and the staff at Europasound ended up taking control of the whole project, to the point where they even boycotted most of his vocals. This is clearly not the best memory that the band members have of their career, but for disco freaks it turned out to be perfect.

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  • Comment | 28/02/2013

    and no doubt it’s wonderful! It gives me a slight hint of male sleaze, great one……..

  • Comment | 01/03/2013

    With hairdos like that you can’t go wrong! And the lyrics are really easy to grasp… the long instrumental section is quite nice as well

  • Comment | 02/03/2013

    Male sleaze indeed, lol

    o_a, yes the hairwork is something in and of itself…

  • Comment | 03/03/2013

    excellent music – but was there really a revival of the early 70’s Bay City Rollers look in 1978?

  • Comment | 04/03/2013

    I really think there was…here’s another example http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_r7TzPHnm4Ek/SqIvNT7vc6I/AAAAAAAAAzA/NZsL9GOpRuU/s1600/dead+end+kids.jpg

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