Black Russian

Boris Midney is undoubtedly the main russian in international disco. He was born in Moscow, studied at the Moscow Conservatory, moved in New York and…
I would not regard him as a euro-disco creator, I guess his originality is in his gift of being a music visionary. Boris Midney used the disco and pop languages, but music he created was not a pure pop.  His best music moments are close to experiments of Walter Gibbons and Arthur Russell.

Here is last half of Caress’s “Catch The Rhythm” (1979):

Caress – Catch The Rhythm

Danny Krivit (who made one of his best edit using this part of song) recalls that Larry Levan loved that piece and spun it on 2 desks.
And here’s late Midney’s project Double Discovery with “D-D-D-Dance” (1982)

Double Discovery – D-D-D-Dance

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  • Comment | 24/02/2013

    I had the honour of interviewing Boris for the now defunct Discostyle blog some 4 years back. He is a genius, the music was decades ahead of it’s time. He is now living in Miami.

  • Comment | 24/02/2013

    Jussi, I can’t find this interview neither at Discostyle nor at Discomusic. It would be very interesting to read it.

  • Comment | 25/02/2013

    hmmm…I’m pretty sure the interview was for Discostyle or discomusic.com, I’ll look into this.

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