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Demis Roussos – I Dig You

“Inside there was the beat of disco throbbing against red velvet, backstreet and baron, the collision of wealth and sweat that was a source of mutual exhilaration. “Le Sept was for the happy few” says Guy Cuevas. “It was very gay. You could get in if you were beautiful in some way: you did not need to be famous or rich, you had to be beau. So that meant some unknown young gigolo could get in because you knew Claudia Cardinale would like the look of him. At the tables you might find an old guy playing cards, Francis Bacon, Helmut Berger or Karl Lagerfeld. But then at Le Palace…it turned into a party of humanity, everyone was there. It became larger than life. There was a bunch of naked drag queens with huge Dolly Parton silicone breasts. They started to fight and someone smashed a glass in one of the breasts. It exploded and there was silicone, water and blood everywhere.

There was something disorientating about Le Palace. Le Sept was the size of an apartment, there was room for 150 people at most to cram inside and only about 40 of those could make it to the carpet-sized dance floor. Le Palace could hold thousands. Who were those people? Who was that guy you fancied, had sex with and walked away from? No one knew.” – from The Beautiful Fall, Fashion, Genius And Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris by Alicia Drake.

Can it be I Dig You has not been posted here? I searched, in vain. So here it is.

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  • Comment | 18/02/2013

    Yes, excellent track by Costandinos!

  • Comment | 23/02/2013

    “…Champagne, caviar, haute-couture, expensive cars
    Saint Laurent and Loulou
    rich ladies with a few bijoux…”
    Soviet people knew about Le Palace too.

  • Comment | 24/02/2013

    Le Palace sure lived up to all the hype, the greatest possible mix of regular people, dizzy scenemakers, celebs and sleazebags, plus fantastic music and effects. Indefinitely better than the pretty pathetic Studio 54 which was good for only so-so quality blowjobs on the balcony.

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