Meteor Man

The Hiltonaires – Meteon Man

You know the concept vol. 2: Take a cheap looking compilation album from the late 70s with very little info about anything. You might find a surprisingly fresh version of a classic. The great original was featured on the blog earlier. This one comes from an album: Hits For The Young People 18. Released in Germany, year unknown.

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  • Comment | 09/02/2013

    This is an amazing cover. It’s only recently I heard it. It almost had me believing it was the original.

  • Comment | 10/02/2013

    There’s a video of spacelex on youtube playing this tune at Camp Cosmic. Great song

  • Comment | 10/02/2013

    So it seems! And thanks for reminding me about Camp Cosmic as I’d almost forgotten to regret that I didn’t experience it last summer…

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