Sticky: Overfitting Disco 5 Report

Thanks everyone, once again, the birthday party was a blast!
Kudos to all DJs who kindly provided a mix and helped us making this 5th anniversary happen.

Without much ado, here are the full DJ sets that were originally aired on Dec. 28, 29 and 30 2012. Enjoy!

Note: please favour the torrents for downloading, thank you.

In order of appearance:

Fri. Dec. 28, 2012
01 FWCTRL (Christian Beetz) Torrent HTTP
02 Benjamin Hanoben Torrent HTTP
03 Eugene Tambourine (M. E. Lemcio) Torrent HTTP
04 Jussi Kantonen Torrent HTTP
05 Nixxon Torrent HTTP
06 Chris Kontos Torrent HTTP
07 How_Beezar Torrent HTTP
Sat. Dec. 29, 2012
08 Mystic Rock Torrent HTTP
09 Carlo Simula Torrent HTTP
10 Mark Boon Torrent HTTP
11 Rob’n’Zoopsie Torrent HTTP
12 SpAceLex Torrent HTTP
13 The Robot Scientists Torrent HTTP
14 André Pahl Torrent HTTP
Sun. Dec. 30, 2012
15 David Tomić Torrent HTTP
16 Audio Can (Roger Spencer) Torrent HTTP
17 Gordy Zola Torrent HTTP
18 okay_awright Torrent HTTP
19 Vomatron Torrent HTTP
20 Analog Hdesc Torrent HTTP

The previous birthday recordings are still available: 4, 3, 2, and 1.

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  • Comment | 09/01/2013

    André, sets like that are illegal in many countries! What on earth IS the Finnish track at c 29:00, a voice going on about secret liquid protein solutions slowly making their way all around the human body for unexplained, sinister purposes?

  • Comment | 09/01/2013

    Haha, that’s what they sing about??! I need a full translation then, Jussi.
    It’s a record with a 10/10-WTF cover:
    Keuhkot – Mitä Otat Mukaan Muistoksi Sivistyksestä

    The track is called “Tiputus”. Record is very experimental for the rest, also this track goes craaazy afterwards…

  • Comment | 12/01/2013

    At first I was not certain of what was audible was in Finnish language to begin with. The record is Lungs – What You Will Take With You To Remember Civilization By. The lyrics to the track have to do with being connected to tubes in a hospital, recieving liquids and thinking about people with evil genes who walk about outside. It’s all extremely druggy and does not make much sense – or does it?

    In any case, congratulations for an extremely cinematic and intense mix. Love it.

  • Comment | 03/03/2013

    Who is track-list (all)?

  • Comment | 03/03/2013

    FWCTRL (Christian Beetz) – L’avventura 2012
    01. Jenny Nevasco ‎– Crazy Music (1977)
    02. Eva Eva Eva – Tutto Previsto (1977)
    14.00 – Air Bureau – Coloured Behaviour (?)
    18.40 – Linda Lee – There’s No Matter (1977)
    28.00 – Biss ‎– For Who?
    35.00 – Carto Zino (?)
    50.00 – Cristiano Malgioglio – Io, La Pantera (1980)
    55.00 Nathalie Et Christine avec Les Vibrations – Femmes

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