E’ Natale


One more christmas song for your use here at Overfitting Disco! A rare and pretty fine example of christmas-talo, aka italo-disco christmas song. It retains all the classic elements of italo, yet it adds the child voice of Tania Esposito. This track won the Ambrogino 1984, a local Milan competion started in 1964 by Tony Martucci, Giuseppe Radaelli and Pier Emilio Bassi. There was actually a market for children records at the time, and the compilation LPs of this were printed and distributed by different labels over the years. The competiton festival was stopped in 1985 and revamped in 2006.

One line goes like “E’ un Natale di din-don, lo dice anche il DJ” (it’s a din-don Christmas, the DJ says that too), so merry christmas!

Tania Esposito – E’ Natale

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  • Comment | 29/12/2012

    Ewok celebration!!

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