“Souvenir From Musketry Club” OST

“Souvenir From Musketry Club” is soviet radio play based on James Hadley Chase‘s pulp fiction “The Guilty Are Afraid” (1957). The play was recorded in the end of 80’s and has curious soundtrack: a few original (I guess) dark and exciting electro-noir themes plus some old jazz and lounge tunes to bring the spirit of the age. Unfortunately all music performers are uncredited.
I cut all the music snippets (about 50 items) and mixed them in the 32-minutes mini-mix. Enjoy the old school soviet radio-theatre flirted with “hard-boiled” pulp material.

How_Beezar: Souvenir From Musketry Club OST Minimix


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  • Comment | 25/11/2012

    I only recognized two Klaus Schulze tracks so far, including Stardancer. I’ll give it another go soon.

    Thanks for sharing it h_b.

  • Comment | 28/11/2012

    Yes, of course. Shame on me: 2 main themes are Klaus Schulze “Stardancer” and Jean Michel Jarre “Les Chants Magnétiques I”.
    I never took them seriously, but I was wrong: these 2 themes impressed violently.

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