Knowing Me, Knowing You Dub

abba_heads.jpg Linda Jane Bull did an awesome job with this ABBA track.She(?) trimmed all the fuss and the extra-sweet pop elements from the original version and spared one single loop only, but what a loop!

This is a wonderful edit full of flange and reverb: the end-result is really dubby and cosmic.

Linda Jane Bull – Knowing Me, Knowing You (2006)

Remember the original?

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  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    Fantastic – who is Linda Jane Bull?

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    never heard of her (is she really a she) before… identity unknown.

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    She lives in the bronx – I heard a rumour that she is only 19 and is about to sign with Universal records..not sure though , there was an edit of Ian Dury which is sick sick sick

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    hello – I am Linda

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    eheheh this will not help much finding out who is who (Bronx? in the UK? ;))

    Do you mind sharing your edit of Ian Dury’s track? I would love to listen to it, I’ve never been able to get a proper digital copy.

    Free promo while I’m still here: http://www.globalgroovedigital.com/artist.php?id=29505

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    i dont have one.

  • Comment | 07/08/2008

    thanks – i didnt know about those.

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