Cosmic Tune


Daniele Baldelli is one of the Euro DJ pioneers in disco who began his career in the end of the 60’s till nowadays. He used to mix disco but also afro funk, synth-pop, house music and even more.

Here are a few tracks that are more alike slow-down disco with tribal rhythms. It is a hard task only selecting the best tracks on this album, “Cosmic Sound” (2006), because I just love it as a whole, thanks to its diversity.

Daniele Baldelli – Cosmic Tune
Daniele Baldelli – Electrodub
Daniele Baldelli – Pluton

Many influences, including afro tribal beats with great percussions on some other tracks.

For those who don’t know this DJ yet, here’s a documentary video briefly telling his story:


Watch out for the last mixed compilation “Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Rock!” with his fellow, Marco Dionigi, and released in 2008 for Eskimo Rec.

You can listen to samples and buy it here

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  • Comment | 08/07/2008

    Baldelli doesn’t like Minimal (Techno?) 😀

  • Comment | 08/07/2008

    I love this tune, you really need to post up more of this album (which has to be brilliant if the other tracks are as good as this one)!

  • Comment | 09/07/2008

    Edit: Baldelli’s Cosmic Sound, 2 new samples added (you asked some mo’, I give you mo’ ! 😉

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