In my opinion Sofia Rotaru was the most beautiful singer in Soviet Union in 70s. She made her best records in 70s too.

Here’s dramatic disco-funk standart “Temp” (“Tempo” in  Russian, 1979) with irreproachable arrangements:

Sofia Rotaru – Temp

And this is her soul side: heartstopper “Lebedinaya Vernost'” (“Swans Fidelity”, 1974). Each time I listen to this song I can’t hold back the tears.

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  • Comment | 15/06/2012

    The intro & instrumental sections of Temp are totally amazing! The world cries for an edit (nudge nudge)

  • Comment | 15/06/2012

    Yes, Jussi! I keep on thinking about it since I’ve rediscovered the song a few months ago. I do think this is most perfect soviet dance song (in fact it isn’t simply a “dance” song, it just has that trendy danceable music form). Song is perfect from start to end, in each beat and note (unless song is badly mixed), that’s why I just admire it and can’t touch it.

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