Beautiful Dreamer Mix

Beautiful Dreamer mix

In the picture: Colette Justine who sung Beautiful Dreamer originally during a performance art show in a window of a department store. This was in Vienna in 1979.

What did the dreamer see? There was Hot Volcano, Sahara doing I Just Wanna Dance, Event Horizon, bits and pieces, some Leroy Vohn plus Albinoni’s Adagio as arranged by Jean Musy.

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  • Comment | 10/05/2012

    According the internets Justine did an installation for the opening of Danceteria titled: Fuck Art. Let’s Dance… This soundscape will work wonders on the floor! Stunning mix Jussi!

  • Comment | 10/05/2012

    this mix is crazy and has a perfect mood setting………all these throbbing synths and drums make me feel am in a car chase along the streets of Paris!

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