Le Figlie Del Vento – Mare

Death is generally considered the normal end to an individual’s life on Earth, so entering Heaven without dying first is considered exceptional.
There is the concept of Ascension though, a belief held by multiple religions and traditions. Ascension means getting transported up there. Just a trip sounds better than a stay though and such a visit can be arranged with the aid of Holy Grails like this Figlie Del Vento seven-inch record from A.D. 1978. It arrived miraculously to my door a few days ago – thanks C.B.!! Instant euphoria.

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  • Comment | 21/04/2012

    Yes, I saw Heaven! For me another song working like this one is Hott City’s “Feelin Love”.

  • Comment | 22/04/2012

    Mare + Feeling Love, a great mix! Also try the Stephen Schlaks stuff like dancing Blue, Fantasy Girl and Dance with Me.

  • Comment | 25/04/2012

    Beautiful track, sounds like the bpm is over 135.It probably wont hurt to pitch it down.Thanks Jussi

  • Comment | 01/05/2012

    Oh yeah! It’s definitely a huge, huge track. Only the price must have hurt, a lot.

  • Comment | 02/05/2012

    It sure is a fast one. I played it for the 1st time in Berlin last Friday and it went down well even with those bpms. I’ll check how it sounds it slowed down too, could be good indeed.

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