You have the such eyes

Not entirely disco, just a good, noble song from soviet film “Sandu Follows the Sun” (1963). Voice by Maya Kristalinskaya.

Don’t miss a scene in interior of stylish soviet cafe with natural disco-ball (!).

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  • Comment | 02/04/2012

    Cool interior but Sandu is way too young to be tripping on hallucinogens like that!

  • Comment | 02/04/2012

    He’s just a sleepy little boy, but lyrics are actually surrealistic: heroine sees her lover’s eyes everywhere – in double (in 60s style) headlights, in hemispheres on a map and so on.

  • Comment | 04/04/2012

    I bet that kid swallowed the mushrooms or whatever it was the delinguents gave him. – The song is pretty fuckin awful if u ask me, zero to do with disco 🙂

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