I Feel Electric

Rubies – I Feel Electric (2008)

The two californian ladys from the Rubies, an indie pop project, just released their first album. Nothing really exciting (for me) but still a sweet song yet.

I found the Beat Broker remix on his website more classic as a disco tune:

Rubies – I Feel Electric (NRG dub)

Finally here’s also a remix by a mysterious Tiedye with the fragile voice of Feist for Italians Do It Better (remember? see the related post). An electric wave more ethereal and synthpop:

Rubies Feat. Feist – I Feel Electric (Tiedye Remix)

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  • Comment | 12/05/2008

    You’ve been a bit harsh in your comment 😉 IMO it is very well composed… you gave me the urge to buy the album!

    P.S. I’m a bit swamped in work right now but I will take a closer look at you feature requests and bug reports ASAP (including the blogroll update), don’t worry

  • Comment | 12/05/2008

    harsch you said…well I like it but not crazy about. This is what I meant. I must agree production is very good and that’s why I wrote about it. 😉

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