The End

10945790_gal.jpg These are two remarkable Disco remakes of John Carpenter‘s original soundtrack for Assault On Precinct 13

Although they were not the work of the master (but of Ralf Henning, a composer specialised in the adaptation of successful OSTs to the dancefloor), the two versions in preview were first released under Carpenter’s own name in 1982.
I don’t know whether J. Carpenter gave his approval and this is actually a complete different story.

The Splash Band – The End (Disco Version) (1984)

The Splash Band – The End (Sound Version) (1984)
(The track name comes from the German title of the movie: Das Ende.)

For comparison purpose, the original score from 1976:

John Carpenter – Assault On Precinct 13 Main theme

In fact, this is but the first of many covers of this theme. Among the most memorable ones are, IMO:

Edit by Kundalini:
IMHO Bam’s cover in 1986 is not too bad either

Afrika Bambaataa & Family – Bambaataa’s Theme (Assault On Precinct 13)
(Listen to the full track)

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