B.W.H.Stop (1983)
a funny cheap video by 1,2,3 Party!

This is just a simple yet very groovy classic italo tune by Carlo Favilli & Stefano ZitoBoth together in another project called Mr. Master

Mr. Master – A Dog In The Night (1983)
(Listen to the full track)

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  • Comment | 05/05/2008

    I must confess it is one of my all time italo favourites! (but the amateurish video clip just ruins it ;))

  • Comment | 05/05/2008

    well sorry ’bout that awful video xD …but I really laughed when I first saw it (and again… doo! I think I’m punked!)

  • Comment | 05/05/2008

    😉 (I’m just jealous of their crazy dance moves)

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