One of trendiest soviet song of season 1982-83: underground disco-rock smash “Karate” from “Leysya Pesnya” (“Flow Song”) group.

The song has never been officially released. This version is taken from bootleged live performance (1982).

Leysya Pesnya – Karate

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  • Comment | 18/02/2012

    karate song of the month, as jussi would say

  • Comment | 19/02/2012

    I’ve been looking for a couple of decades for it. The song exists only on cassettes & in mp3.

  • Comment | 19/02/2012

    The karate track of the month most definitely. Love the Uma-Thurman-In-Kill-Bill-style outfit of the artist too but the cut itself is FIERCE.

  • Comment | 19/02/2012

    Yes, Jussi! 4 years later band changed its name to “Aria” and style — to heavy metal. 2nd singer of “Leysya Pesnya” found patriotic pop-rock collective “Lube” (in the name of native Moscow’s suburb — Lubertsy, the most criminal one in late 80’s). Both band are still active and greatly popular.

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