Biba – Istanbul


It’s almost carnival time at Overfitting Disco! So what’s better than throwing a party? This is the perfect track for the purpose: camp, way over the top and with an excessive amount of whistles, screeching synths and WTF choirs going on. For sure I couldn’t agree more over the “esplosivo” adjective as stated on the cover. This is the very (rare) first ever Biba single on the tiny italian label Devil from 1979.

Biba – Istanbul

Please go and check out her other ones here and here

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  • Comment | 16/02/2012

    Instant sunshine

  • Comment | 18/02/2012

    Since you mentionned it in the other post I tried hard to find it, to no avail, but now I know it’s definitely the ONE track to get from her repertoire.

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