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Hotness alert, as this is one of my ever favourite tracks!
When I played it in my set for the latest OD birthday party this created quite some *panic* among you disco freaks. After all, how many italian bangers from 1977 with a sexy voice whispering titillating sentences are still out there?
This is why I truly love disco, even nowadays you can come across incredible unknown records. I want to imagine Patrizia in the depicted setting, like Miss Bouchet. As far as I know Patrizia’s career was limited to another close-to-impossible to find single under moniker after this one. But is it of any importance if everything here has “italian disco perfection” written all over it, from the titty-twisted sleeve to the moanings?

Patrizia Brindani – Ma Tu

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  • Comment | 18/01/2012

    Bomb indeed. I was lucky to find this that night thanks to your generous tip. 6/5!

  • Comment | 18/01/2012

    thanks Spaziale! I would call myself lucky If only I’d come across such tunes every, say, 6 months……:-)

  • Comment | 18/01/2012

    She must have been a showgirl of the week on tv or something. Whatever you were/are Patrizia, I’m lost in adoration in your performance.

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