Drums that changed a world

It’s always interesting to discover nodes where music flow changed its direction, especially when these nodes are the songs. Here are a few of such milestone songs.

“The Love I Lost” of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (Philadelphia International Records, 1973) gave to world “Four-on-the-Floor” rhythm pattern.


BTW 2nd pretender to the palm is Temptation’s “Law Of The Land” (Motown, 1973), but actually it has only 4/4 kick drum without hissing open hi-hat.

Certainly I could not miss the song that gifted its own standard rhythm pattern to Hip-Hop. This is fabulous The Soul Searchers’ “Ashley’s Roachclip” (Sussex, 1974). Short drum break on 3:31 and the rest is… 5 pages on whosampled.com.

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  • Comment | 11/01/2012

    Drummer Earl Young told me he was the one who invented the pattern.

  • Comment | 11/01/2012

    Yes, exactly. As Bobby Eli recalled, at first “The Love I Lost” was a ballad, but during one of sound sessions K. Gamble demanded to “Pick up the tempo”. Mr. Young decided not to contradict him, and invented this pattern.
    BTW he banged on a lots of heavy disco classics (you, Jussi, knows all it better than me, surely), but his sessions with Harold Melvin in Teddy’s spell are most innovative.

  • Comment | 11/01/2012

    And the last thing about Mr. Young.
    He used the thick ends of drumsticks.

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