First of all, welcome to this modest MP3 blog. If you’re here then you must be curious about the purpose of such a blog and yeah I like curious people. This blog is aimed at curious people in fact.

The content? Well, it is all about music with a steady Disco beat. From long-forgotten and obscure copies of limited pressings to current 4/4 smashers. Everything that may be of interest according to the taste of the authors. No long post, nothing fancy at all: just MP3 previews of tracks.

Have fun browsing this blog. Cheers.

P.S. Yes… no full track, only snippets are provided here. Sorry. And so, for different reasons, including bandwidth availability. Anyway, if you need a full MP3 copy of a long-dead record label or that is out of stock forever, just leave a comment and I’ll post it right away, for sure.

EDIT: from now on, some downloadable tracks are uncut.

P.P.S. If you want to be an editor/writer/radio programme contributor, just contact us. The more the merrier. Everybody’s welcome.

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