Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Various Artists – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Don’t expect a refined selection, nor any sharp mixing skills. It just goes bang! and that’s what matters for about one hour.

  1. En Davy – Okay I Am K.O. (1976)
    An Asian starlet who merely scored a couple of records before giving up for good. Produced by the man behind the Baccara act though.
  2. Golden Reunion – Annie (1977)
    Ménage a trois with the La Bionda bros, who apparently sing in French, or at least I think it is French.
  3. Zack Ferguson – Skate Board Dancin’ (1978)
    Try just that: dancing on a skateboard. You will gain a new respect for Zack Ferguson who manages to properly do it. Superstar composer Detto Mariano appears to love skateboarding, since he wrote the track.
  4. Joe Cicca – Brut Brut (1981)
    Thank you Italocarlito.
  5. Top Five – War & Peace (1977)
    Jussi knows how to pick records by their cover sleeves.
  6. Paradise Express – You Set Me On Fire (1979)
    The only 100% American record of this mixset. Not the best track of the album, but I thought the guitars sounded good with the previous tracks.
  7. Ringo – Tentation (1978)
    Ringo is the best. He is widely known in France for his tasteless music and his stupid lyrics, here he doesn’t even pretend to give it a try. He is the best air guitar player in the world (see his videoclip of “Qui est ce grand corbeau noir?” on Youtube.) He engages in a catfight during a live performance of one of his love songs, which ironically praises peace on Earth. He mangles beyond recognition The Buggles’ Video Killed The Radio Star in Spanish. He was Sheila’s boyfriend (the Sheila from B. Devotion.) I could go on and on. This man is a superhero.
  8. Shilum Kakawe & Les Oupa-Oupas – Plume De Poule (1977)
    Squaw “Chicken Feather” has left the singer. Now he is desperate. The lyrics are simply hilarious, if you understand French. But you can just appreciate the quality of the score, which stands on its own IMHO. Ultra catchy.
  9. Linda Law – All The Night (1978)
    Or how to make a perfect Disco track. It has everything, in the appropriate dosage and at the right place. Hey! Ringo has even co-written the lyrics!
  10. Grazia Vitale – Flash (1977)
    I don’t understand a word of Italian but I guess I don’t miss much. The appeal of the track is elsewhere, and it’s the alchemy between the whispering voice and the orchestral arrangements: you can’t beat Italians at this game.
  11. Moleskine – Wanna Be A Gogo Dancer (1979)
    It begs for an edit, because there are really too many bland sections. But on the other hand the main chorus is simply explosive. As usual with most French productions, the synth hooks are unrivaled.
  12. Miro – Safari Of Love (1977)
    What if Vince Tempera gives his best shot at orchestral direction and synthesizer fiddling, IMHO Safari Of Love is the answer. Epic.
  13. Moebius – Urth (1979)
    I wanted this album for so long… Remove the annoying vocal part and you’ve got a very good I feel Love rip-off.
  14. Ayisha – Space Man (1978)
    Apparently, the recent Private repress/bootleg contains an unknown version from 1976! I want it!
  15. Donna Summer – Working The Midnight Shift (1977)
    If you want to play electronic disco you must play Giorgio. So here it is. You cannot help but notice that Donna knows how to sing, and no singer in this selection can compete – except Ringo.
  16. Synthi & Gert – Ghostman (1978)
    By the team behind Electric Overdrive, Empty Spaces, etc: electronic disco specialists onboard. It’s harsh, forward thinking, minimal, and silly, all at the same time.
  17. Catherine Lara & Jean-Pierre Sabard – Générique du début du film (1981)
    Two times faster at real speed! Unlikely and explosive partnership: Catherine Lara is a classically trained yound girl at that time, versed in everything experimental, and Jean-Pierre Sabard is best known for being part of Arpadys and making Hammond organs squeal (e.g. see the Sexopolis OST.) It’s the title track of a subpar comedy movie called Les hommes préfèrent les grosses.
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  • Comment | 29/11/2010

    Could not wait and started to listen to this in the office. Big mistake. By the 2nd track I was already about to lose control. People passing my desk held their breath and avoided eye contact. After some 15 minutes I had to push the stop button as the tension became unbearable, one more minute and I would have been dancing on the table, thrusting my crotch obscenely at passers by and screaming baby come on give it to your lovin’daddy. But as soon as I get home…

  • Comment | 29/11/2010

    I laughed out loud reading your message! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it – even better if you were able to inspire embarrassment, confusion and chaos among your colleagues :)

  • Comment | 29/11/2010

    tracklist added

  • Comment | 30/11/2010

    hahahaha jussi, you are the greatest disco freak ever, can’t imagine how much I share those feelings with you, and wow this mix is pure dyn-o-mite! very tight, have danced my bad ass off to this….I just got the Moleskine LP and thought exactly the same thing on that Go Go Dancer track: needs a re-edit so bad….kudos okay, this is great!

  • Comment | 06/01/2011

    I don’t agree with you, this is ultra refined track selection…very nice mix :)

  • Comment | 06/01/2011

    But I agree RINGO IS THE BEST!!!

    Best thing is, this song is about…F1(?) thanks for discovering me a new personal hero

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